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Comparison to Jimmy Joy

Another meal replacement product, that's based in Europe, in the Netherlands this time, is Jimmy Joy.

Like we said in our comparison to Soylent, we could go on and on about how we prefer Huel. But obviously we would think that. Even more important than that is that it’s not up to us, it’s up to you, and how these products can improve your life.

So to help your research, we’ve created this page which offers a comparison between the two products. If once you’ve read this, you think Jimmy Joy is more suited to your needs, which it could be as it is an excellent product, we encourage you to try them. However, this does not change that we would love to have you as a customer.

How Huel compares to Jimmy Joy

The deciding factor for people can be a number of things. For some people, they prefer the taste of Huel to Jimmy Joy, or vice versa, and therefore use that product because that is what is important to them.

However, this is a very subjective matter. So on this page, we just compare the nutritional benefits of Huel compared to Jimmy Joy. First we have reproduced the same table that we used with our comparison to Soylent to make it as fair as possible. All nutritionals below are calculated per 2,000kcal:

Huel (v2.3) (Original) Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake (Neutral)[1]
148g of protein 100g of protein
39.7g of fibre 41g of fibre
65.8 of fat 70g of fat
5.1g of sugar 24.5g of sugar
Two main sources of protein (pea and brown rice protein, with protein also from oats and flaxseed) Two main sources of protein (soy flour and soy protein isolate with protein also from oatmeal and flaxseed)
Made in UK Made in Netherlands
Free delivery in UK Free delivery in UK
Price per 500kcal meal - £1.31 Price per 500kcal meal - £1.33
Provides at least 100% of UK and EU  Recommended Daily Amounts Provides at least 100% of EU Recommended Daily Amounts
No soy Contains soy
Vegan Vegan

A more in-depth look at the two

From this table some may think that there are only small differences between Huel and Jimmy Joy Vegan. However, this doesn’t take the whole difference between the two into account.

For example, it says in the table that both contain at least 100% of the EU Recommended Daily Amounts (RDA), or Nutrient Reference Value (NRV), of every vitamin and mineral required in the diet at a 2,000kcal daily intake. These numbers were initially created in 1991, and since then there have been a number of studies which demonstrate that levels higher than these amounts can be beneficial.

It is widely considered that the amount of potassium, which is important for reducing blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), we are recommended by the EFSA to consume daily is far too low[2]. We have reflected this view in Huel, including 175% of the EU NRV, in line with UK and WHO guidelines, compared to Jimmy Joy who follows the EU guidelines.

Iron is an essential nutrient required for oxygen transportation around the body, muscle contraction and nerve impulses. There are substances in foods that inhibit iron absorption, as such Huel has been formulated to contain 280% NRV for iron, whereas Jimmy Joy include 115% NRV. Read more about the iron content of Huel here.

Which of these two formulas is the best? That probably comes down to who you talk to or what your views are, as there are always disagreements over nutrition. All we can say is that our formula was created by the renowned nutrition expert James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr, and the nutrition/ingredients added to Huel are what he knows to be best. Others may disagree, like yourselves, and that is healthy and positive as that means we will constantly be changing and updating our formula to be the best it can be for our customers. Although we think it’s already pretty brilliant.

If you would like to read an independent analysis, three dietitians did a blind review of Huel, Jimmy Joy and Soylent which you can read here.


We believe in Huel, that’s why we developed it.

But the decision over which product is best to fit your life and goals can only be decided by one person. You! That’s why we encourage you to try Huel as well as the other products on the market to see which you prefer and what suits you best.

If you’re ready to try Huel, you can order your first week’s supply of Huel and get started. 

Further Reading


  1. Jimmy Joy. Plenny Shake. Date Accessed: 11/06/19. Available from:
  2. WHO. Guideline: Potassium intake for adults and children. Geneva: WHO. 2012.

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