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Huel is a nutritionally complete powdered food. It provides at least 100% of the UK Government's "Reference Nutrient Intakes" and includes all the protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Join the Huel team in making nutritionally complete food universally affordable with minimum impact on the environment.

We are always looking for great people, so if you don’t see a position that interests you below please email us and let us know how you can make a difference at Huel. Extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favourably.

Current vacancies - sorry this has been filled.

Marketing / Office Assistant

  • Location: Aylesbury, Bucks, England
  • Hours: 40 hours
  • Pay: Depends on experience £9 to £11
  • Perm/temp: perm is an exciting internet new start-up based in Aylesbury, Bucks. We are looking for a for a permanent marketing / office assistant asap, in Aylesbury, Bucks, England. Enthusiasm, intelligence, and strong work ethic are essential, but experience is not. A degree from a good university, with at least a 2:1 is required.

Flexibility will be key also because in startups, everyone wears a lot of hats and requirements change all the time. You will get hands on experience of all areas of the business.

Huel has already attracted national press coverage and strong and rapid growth is anticipated. View our press coverage.

Send your CV, covering letter, and anything else that will make you stand out to

Extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favourably.

Candidate for year-long trial of Huel 

(Sorry applications are now closed. We have had several hundred applications for this position, thank you everyone who have applied)

  • Location: Within 3 miles of Aylesbury, or 3 miles of Corby
  • Hours: variable
  • Pay: up to £35K p/a 

We are looking for one candidate to go without any solid food for one year, and to live off a diet of only Huel, in exchange for up to £35,000. 


  • Only source of calories will be Huel
  • No alcohol
  • No drinks that contain calories or sweeteners (water, lemon water, tea, black coffee, etc, are ok)
  • No exercise (apart from the 30 mins per day which will specified by the Huel team) or sports
  • 30 mins of exercise per day - no more, no less
  • Must live with 3 miles of Aylesbury or Corby (please don't apply unless you live in this area) - this is vital, no exception, we want to build a close working relationship with the tester so over the year we will meet many times, both at the Huel offices and at your home, so location is extreme important.
  • Must visit Huel offices in Aylesbury or Corby once per week or more
  • You must have a healthy BMI and no medical conditions or eating disorders
  • Regular photographs in swimwear
  • Regular blood tests and body fat measurements, etc.
  • Permission to use data and photographs findings which will released to the press

The successful candidate will be required to undertake daily video calls with the monitoring team to report their progress, via Skype, and agree to weekly visits to the Huel headquarters (Aylesbury) in order to maintain regular medical assessments. 

Although they will be free to continue all usual daily duties, including work and family responsibilities, they will be required to perform no less and no more than 30 minutes of physical activity per day, which will be strictly dictated by the team at Huel, in order to clearly show the effects of the Huel diet. This means you will not be able to continue your current sporting activity (e.g. football matches etc). This will ensure no skewing of results from exercise, but will still ensure that they stay healthy throughout the trial. 

Applicants must have a healthy BMI and no medical conditions or eating disorders in order to be considered.

Before committing to the year’s trial we would recommend that you:

Just to reiterate, we are asking you to go without ANY food other than Huel for the period of 1 year, and no alcohol or other drinks that contain calories. You will, of course, still get all the nutrients your body needs with Huel. We completely understand that this is no easy feat; not many of our customer are on Huel 100% of the time, the norm is probably about 50% Huel and 50% traditional meals. Having said that, we are intrigued to understand more about the role of eating in our culture.

Send a cover letter with some background information about yourself and an explanation of why you want to be considered for this position. Also confirm that you agree with all the terms and requirements:

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