Price change Dec 2021

Huel’s founder, Julian, here 👋. First, I want to thank you for using Huel. We would be nothing without our loyal Hueligans and we’re always going to use the best ingredients in the world to create the delicious, nutritionally complete meals that you know and love. Unfortunately, the cost of all the good stuff that goes into Huel has increased significantly in the last year, which means the prices of our products are going to increase slightly from 8th December 2021.

We know this might come as a surprise and we appreciate you might have questions about what is changing and what is going to happen in practice. Please continue reading our sections below to get the full picture.

Price change

We froze our prices at the start of the pandemic to support our Hueligans during a difficult time, but global events have made it more expensive to make, stock and ship your Huel. So that we can continue on our mission to make it easy to eat well while protecting the planet, the price of all our products is changing by a small percentage from 8th December.

Detailed pricing overview

Yes, the price of Huel is changing, but we hope the actual difference this will make to you will be minimal. For more detailed information, please see below the list of products that will be be subject to the price change, and the full comparison between the two price lists.

The prices reported below are referring to the subscription, which are of course 10% lower than the single purchase prices.

Which products will change price?

  • Ready-to-drink

Huel Ready to Drink

Number of boxes New (zł) Current (zł)
1 195.00 190.00
2 370.00 335.00
3 541.50 495.00
4 704.00 851.40
5 857.50 1044.90
6 1,002.00 1231.20
7 1,137.00 1436.40
8 1,264.00 1641.60

What happens if you have a subscription?

For all our Hueligans that have a Huel subscription containing any of the products outlined above due to renew between now and 7th December, you'll be charged the current price. 

If you are currently subscribed to any of the products outlined above due to renew from and including December 8th, this will be charged following the new pricing outlined above, minus any discount you may have applied (e.g. Referral Discount, Student Discount, etc.).

This will happen automatically and you shouldn't need to do anything to confirm this, unless your bank decides to re-authenticate your card in which case you will be notified by them via text or email (depending on your communication settings between you and your bank).

We understand that you may not want to keep receiving your Huel based on this new price. We are very sorry if this is the case and we hope a minority of our Hueligans will choose this option. However, if you do decide to leave us, please follow the simple steps below:

  • Go to your account page
  • Log in (if you aren't already logged in)
  • Click “Edit” on the subscription you want to cancel
  • Click “Cancel subscription”
  • Select a cancellation reason
  • Click “Cancel subscription”

And that's it. Of course if you have any questions or require any support with this, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

I can’t thank you enough for being part of the Huel family. We’ve been on this journey for six years and I am confident the best is still to come. I hope you decide to stick with us so that you can continue to enjoy our convenient, plant-based, nutritionally complete meals. We can’t change the world without you.


Julian x

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